Land Development Law

OUR LAND DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT, led by SARA E. POPE, offers a broad range of legal services to our land development clients. We provide advice relating to due diligence and site acquisition, financing, construction contracts, phasing and development strategy, and land title documentation and registration. Our land development lawyers advise clients on compliance with the BC Real Estate Development Marketing Act, prepare disclosure statements offering client projects for sale, and then act in the closing of the sales. Our clients are developers creating large residential, commercial or recreational master planned communities, resort property or fractional developments, condominium hotels, and mixed-use strata titled projects.


Master Planned Communities

Project structuring and planning, phasing, access, servicing, architectural controls, ownership and operation of recreation and common amenities, and community associations.

Resort Development

Fractional programs, subleases, headleases, co-ownership agreements, owners' associations, international vacation exchange agreements, rental management or rental pooling agreements, real estate securities compliance, and bonding compliance with the Superintendent of Real Estate.

Disclosure Statements

Preparation of disclosure statements to offer development units for sale or lease, and advice on the developer's responsibilities and legal obligations under the Real Estate Development Marketing Act and the Strata Property Act.

Marina projects

Water lot and foreshore leases, special considerations for strata development on upland parcel, control of riparian rights, and moorage agreements.


Green building, geoexchange systems, statutory rights of way, conservation covenants, and Ministerial Designations to hold conservation covenants or statutory rights of way.

Developer sales and leasing

Preparing purchase contracts and leases, holding deposits, advising clients through closing procedure, preparing comprehensive sales information packages for use by buyers' lawyers, and collapsing sales.

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