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Fundamentals of the Strata Corporation: An Introduction

A strata property is a form of organizing property which aims to accommodate individual ownership of private property within a collective, multi-unit structure.

Short Term Exclusive Use Agreements: When and Why?

Common property belongs to all the owners in a strata corporation in proportion to the owner’s unit entitlement. A general presumption in strata law is that owners are not allowed to use common property except as authorized by bylaw or agreement.

Changing Common Property: Understanding the Requirements

All strata lot owners own the common property. Neither an individual owner nor the strata council can make a significant change to the use or appearance of common property without approval by the owners at a general meeting.

Types of Property under the Strata Property Act

The Strata Property Act deals with property under three categories: common property of the strata corporation and common assets of the strata corporation, and personal property of the strata lot owners.