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Fundamentals of the Strata Corporation: An Introduction

A strata property is a form of organizing property which aims to accommodate individual ownership of private property within a collective, multi-unit structure.

To Hire or Not to Hire: Licensed Property Management Companies and Strata Management

Strata council members are responsible and accountable for strata management, but this doesn’t mean they need to do all the work themselves.

Strata Management: Responsibility, Accountability, Delegation

The line between strata governance and strata management can be less than perfectly clear. Determining whether something is strata governance or strata management can be made by asking the question: Why does the strata corporation want to do this?

Debt Collection and Strata Corporations: An Introduction

Strata corporations are, at their core, non-profit entities which often have little room in their budgets to absorb unforeseen costs and if they don't take steps to collect their debts, the owners end up collectively bearing the burden.

How to Read (and Write) Strata Bylaws

Every strata corporation must have bylaws and these bylaws may govern a range of matters including: the control, management, maintenance use and enjoyment of strata lots, common property and common assets of the strata corporation and the administration of the strata corporation.

Short Term Exclusive Use Agreements: When and Why?

Common property belongs to all the owners in a strata corporation in proportion to the owner’s unit entitlement. A general presumption in strata law is that owners are not allowed to use common property except as authorized by bylaw or agreement.

Significant Unfairness: When is an Owner Treated Unfairly?

What can be done by a strata lot owner when they are unhappy with their treatment by a strata corporation or those who direct its actions? The Strata Property Act provides a powerful tool to strata lot owners who disagree with the actions or direction of a strata corporation or its council.

Changing Common Property: Understanding the Requirements

All strata lot owners own the common property. Neither an individual owner nor the strata council can make a significant change to the use or appearance of common property without approval by the owners at a general meeting.

Types of Property under the Strata Property Act

The Strata Property Act deals with property under three categories: common property of the strata corporation and common assets of the strata corporation, and personal property of the strata lot owners.

Privacy: How the Personal Information Protection Act Applies to Strata Corporations

The Personal Information Protection Act requires organizations in British Columbia to have a proper system for the collection, use, disclosure and protection of personal information. Strata corporations are one such organization.